Michael Bassili

I'm a Software Developer

I'm Currently Not Seeking Work

Personal Summary

Howdy! My name is Michael, and I'm a software developer. I've built software ranging from small benchmarking tools to large-scale automation pipelines.

Regardless of the project, tech stack, or development process, I promise to do my best work. If that sounds good, shoot me an email!

Professional Resume

Please click here to view and download my resume. Note that this document lacks personal contact information (e.g. cell phone number) for obvious reasons. Please email me to request any references you may need. I am not seeking work, as of 2020-07-02.

Software Projects

Here are some personal projects I've completed. Each one has a link to its source code on GitHub. The list is not sorted in any particular order. Want more information on a project? Send me an email!

OpenGL Rendering Engine

An OpenGL rendering engine and rasterizer written in pure C++. Does not use any existing graphics libraries. Implements multiple shaders, normalmapping, occlusion, and vector rasterization.

Interpreted Programming Language

SimpleScript is an interpreted programming language written in Python. Grammar is based on the BASIC programming language. SimpleScript is built with expression parsing in mind. Language can be considered Turing complete.

You can view the complete list of GitHub repositories for more. Heard of another project of mine not seen here? Send me an email for links to secret side projects!


He commits and delivers. He is an MVP wherever he goes and whatever he does. His professional work and side projects are testaments of his excellence in time management and commitment to learning.

—Former Supervisor, Delta Controls Inc.

Michael constantly strives to better himself and contribute as much as he can back to the team. His devotion to continuous learning and self-improvement allowed him to expand his knowledge and experience level, which ultimately enabled him to excel and become a very strong team member.

—Former Team Lead, Delta Controls Inc.

Michael proved to be a valuable asset throughout his with with Delta Controls. He facilitated the work of his team members by building numerous tools and services. He’s passionate, driven, and dedicated. Michael would be an excellent addition to any organization, in any role.

—Former Line of Business Lead, Delta Controls Inc.

Contact Me

You can reach me via email. I also have a LinkedIn profile for networking-purposes, but I rarely interact with it. You can see some of the code I've written in GitHub.

[1] My Twitter account is reserved for journalism purposes. However, I won't object if you want to follow me... It's mostly journalism promo.